Where to Find Black Stage Hire East London

15th May 2015

Where to Find Black Stage Hire East London

Finding a stage for hire in London isn’t easy. With so many studios leasing their space, it can be difficult to know which to choose for your project. One that comes highly recommended throughout the capital is East London Studios. Located at 66 Norlington Road, East London Studios is in a Congestion Charge free zone which means that there are no parking restrictions. Booking studio space couldn’t be easier. Simply call 0208 257 1886 or email info@eastlondonstudios.com, and one of the team will get back to you at their first opportunity.

A Versatile Space

East London Studio’s Black Stage is newly refurbished and offers 6000 sq ft of floor space for all kinds of productions. With an apex height of over 32ft, it is ideal for multiple set builds or projects where you require that expansive feel. There are also rostras and flats in order to facilitate raised floor levels or even a catwalk. The Black Stage is an extremely versatile space and can be used for shooting TV shows, commercials and even music videos. Whatever your requirements, you can be sure that East London Studios can cater to them. For further information, head to the website today.

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