Health & Safety

EAST LONDON STUDIOS is very dedicated in doing its very best to make the workplace fully compliant with all necessary requirements under the Health and Safety Act. Every one of our MUST fully comply with the safety statement and relevant risk assessment forms to be provided by the production company for on sight activities.

The studio management will regularly review and monitor all work and improve safety procedures if need be, in order to make the filming environment danger free. Although it is the responsibility of the production company to implement health and
safety it is the duty of all employees, contractors and clients to be responsible for themselves and others at all times.

It is the sole responsibility of the active production company to provide health and safety assessment of each shoot, and to take suitable steps to implement the appropriate health & safety measures and procedures.

It is also the responsibility of the production company concerned to have full production insurance to cover all personnel, equipment and property. Safety is in addition a condition of employment – each employee must accept responsibility for
the working safely to safeguard both him/herself and others who are affected by his/her activities.

If specialised stunts/fire/water/rigs/effects etc are involved, then they must be supervised by experienced and qualified personnel, and full insurance taken out to cover such stunts/effects. this is the responsibility of the production company
concerned at all times.

EAST LONDON STUDIOS cannot be held responsible for any accidents or injuries that result from ignoring the current risk assessment, or for any person under the influence of alcohol or drugs (or medication that can impair safe working

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