Wretch 32 – Tell Me ft. Kojo Funds and Jahlani

25th Sep 2017

Production Company: Sugarcane Media
Director: Labi Odebunmi
Producer: Lavinia Noel

Labi Odebunmi “When I received the track, i wanted to keep performance set-ups simple but interesting – so to run comfortably parallel with the songs vibe and activity through out. I created the cube scene as a metaphor to place the “life” responsible for this irrepressible vibe (artist’s) within a lit “incubator” representative of the tracks energy. I wanted viewers to feel like they’re watching this live to resonate with the upbeat ambience of the track.

“Wretch is a metaphor king and I wanted to transmit his brand infusing other subtle visual metaphors (if you get them, you get them) while also paying homage to the classic Whitney Houston sample with editorial/fashion scenes. Running along with his album title and current mood when I spoke to him, he feels this is the most free he’s been, which I feel the direction and video shows.”

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