Miike Snow – “My Trigger”

22nd Aug 2016

Production Company: Pulse Films
Director: Ninian Doff
Format: 35mm

After the phenomenal success of Genghis Khan, Ninian Doff brings the team all back together – cast and crew – for another Miike Snow video and a further revisionist, musical take on Cold War iconography. And whereas Genghis Khan was a delightful take on the culture of James Bond, with My Trigger, the inspiration is history itself.

Edward Hayes-Neary (the Bond-like hero in Genghis Khan) plays US President John F Kennedy, while Adam Jones (the crazed, mixed-up supervillain) plays Soviet leader Nikita Krushchev, in a replay of the Cuban missile crisis in 1962 – the closest the superpowers came to all-out nuclear war. Which is cue for the respective leaders to engage in fantasies about sex and the nuclear button, and Busby Berkeley style musical routines.

Once again, Patrick Meller provides the lush 35mm cinematography, Supple Nam the choreography, Tim Gibson the production design and Russ Hallard the edit. Above all, its another confident, hugely entertaining work by Doff. And who’s to say this didn’t actually happen?

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