London Film Studios

6th Jul 2015

London Film Studios

Are you looking for film studios in London? Then it’s essential that you consider your options carefully. The right film studio can help to bring your idea into fruition whilst ensuring that the filming process is as swift and stress free as possible. Many film-makers shoot their films at East London Studios. Located on Norlington Road in the E10 area of the capital, it offers film-makers use of its versatile studio space. Its Black Stage and Infinity Cove are maintained to the highest standards and help is always at hand if you need it.

Hire Cameras or Lighting Equipment

When you choose to film your production at East London Studios, you’ll be offered the chance to hire top quality cameras and lighting equipment from many of the industry’s leading brands. Equipment will be prepped by the studio’s in-house techs prior to your arrival to ensure that no time is wasted setting up. You’ll be ready to start shooting your film as soon as you arrive at East London Studios. To find out more about this renowned film studios in London, head to the website. Alternatively, call 0208 257 1886 to discuss your requirements with one of the experienced team.

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