Infinity Cove Hire East London

13th Apr 2015

Infinity Cove Hire East London

Are you looking for an infinity cove that offers a vast white space for you to realise your ideas in? Then take a closer look at East London Studios and its impressive 50ft infinity cove. This sizeable infinity cove comes with over-head rigging anywhere on the cove and plenty of room to move around off set, ensuring that you won’t feel cramped. 

Whether you’re looking for a space for stills for advertising, still life, catalogue, products, general commercial, fashion portfolios or portraits or for a production such as a TV commercial or music video, you can be sure that this infinity cove will provide the perfect space help you get the very most from your time spent in the studio.

A Versatile and Efficient Space

East London Studio’s infinity cove is versatile and efficient and is becoming a popular choice for photography stills and productions of all kinds. The cove is well maintained and has a smooth, continuous lining with seamless transition between flat and curved surfaces. To find out more about East London Studios’ studio space, head to the website. Or for information or advice, don’t hesitate to call 0208 257 1886 to speak to one of the experienced and knowledgeable team.

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