Infinity Cove Hire East London

15th Jun 2015

Infinity Cove Hire East London

The Infinity Cove at East London Studios is a remarkable space for creative minds. The 50ft cove offers over-head rigging and ample space, allowing you and your team to go about your duties in comfort. The space is used for a variety of purposes and is ideal for film production companies and photographers. It is regularly used as a space for taking promotional images in and is also ideal for music video and commercial production. The space is rapidly-becoming one of the most popular environments of its type in East London and has been hired by a series of prestigious media companies.

 All the Facilities you Need

Why not get in touch with the team at East London Studios today if you’re interested in hiring this increasingly-popular space? The cove is suitable for productions of all types and is always maintained with care. It offers flat and curved surfaces. East London Studios are also renowned for their equipment hire facilities and are waiting to hear from you if you’re interested in shooting using anamorphic or Arri Alexa cameras to give just two examples. Call 0208 257 1886 to speak to one of the team right now. Head to the home page to learn more.

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