Find Professional Film Studios in London

5th May 2015

Find Professional Film Studios in London

With several film studios leasing space in London, it can be difficult to know which to choose for your production. If you’re looking for excellent value for money and the expert help and support of a professional team then look no further than East London Studios. Whether you’re looking to shoot a movie, TV show, TV commercial or music video, you can be sure that East London Studios has the facilities you need to get the very most from your studio time.

Versatile Studio Space

East London Studios offers a range of versatile studio space for hire. From its 50ft Infinity Cove which is designed to give the impression that the background of an object extends to infinity to the newly refurbished Black Stage with its 6000 sq ft of floor space, you can rest assured that it can cater to your filming needs. As well as hiring out its spacious studio space, East London Studios can also offer a range of equipment for hire. Whether you’re looking to rent cameras or lighting equipment, the team of in-house techs will prep everything so that’s it’s ready to go from the moment you arrive the studios. To find out more about this leading film studios in London, visit the website today.

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