East London Studios Client Projects

8th Mar 2016

East London Studios Client Projects

East London Studios are proud to play host to some exciting productions over the last few months. Working with advertising companies to build campaigns used for stills photography and video advertisement for national and global branding campaigns.

Over the past week our Red Dragon and Arri Alexa camera’s have been rented out on a variety of music promos, feature films, branded content, short films, dramas plus live events.

Our new lighting equipment has also been very busy working on different productions in varying styles and shoots. Our new Arri range has been used on music videos, live events and films along with our Source 4’s, Kinos, Space lights, Mini Brutes and em balls.

The dimmable control studio is seeing more popularity in East London Studios with its versatile range, allowing productions to get the most out of their lighting rental.

East London Studios really is the go to film location space of 2016.

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