East London Film Locations

1st Jul 2015

East London Film Locations

The term ‘location, location, location’ is not just related to real estate. It also translates to filming video. What many people don’t realise is that where you film is just as important as what you film. When choosing where to film, you have two choices: filming on-location or in a studio. Whilst filming on-location can enable you to capture genuine footage of real people and places in which your film is connected, there are an array of benefits that come with filming in a studio. For example, you have a more controlled environment and sound and visuals can be edited to your requirements. Additionally, it’s easier to keep traffic and other background noise out of your footage. If you’re looking for a film studio in East London, look no further than East London Studios.

All the Facilities you Need

East London Studios is equipped with all the facilities you need to ensure that your production runs smoothly. As well as offering spacious studio space, it also has a green room complete with a 40’ LED TV with Freeview, microwave and fridge and a four station make up room. There’s also free fibre optic WiFi and shower and toilet facilities. To find out more about East London Studios, visit the website today.

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