Black Stage Hire in London

24th Apr 2015

Black Stage Hire in London

Many people who are looking for quality studio space in London get in touch with East London Studios. The studios offer use of their spacious ‘Black Stage’ which has 6000sq ft of floor space to carry out productions of all kinds. Whether you’re looking to shoot a TV show, commercial or even a music video, you’ll have plenty of room to move around freely or build multiple sets to accommodate the demands of your project. What’s more, with several rostrum and flats available, raised floor levels or a catwalk can be facilitated.

East London Studios’ Black Stage also comes complete with a newly installed lighting rig on a pulley system which means that you can fly your lights quickly and easily. When you’re looking to hire studio space that can help you to get the very most from your project, look no further than East London Studios.

Green Room and Make Up Room

When you hire East London Studio’s Black Stage, you’ll also have use of the comfortable Green Room, with its 40’ LED TV with Freeview, free WiFi and microwave, fridge, tea and coffee facilities as well as the make up room with its four stations and illuminated mirrors. To find out more about hiring studio space at East London Studios, visit the website today.

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