Infinity Cove Hire London

30th Mar 2015

Infinity Cove Hire London

An infinity cove is an all white space that has no corners. It is used in photography in order to make the background of an object appear to go on for infinity. It is very popular in commercial and advertising photography as well for cutting out a product for use in brochures or on the Internet. If you’re looking to hire an infinity cove in London then look no further than East London Studios.

The studio’s infinity cove is 50ft and offers a versatile shooting space for motion photography or stills. What’s more, there’s also plenty of space to move around off set, which ensures that you won’t feel cramped whilst trying to get the results that you want from your shoot.

Hire the Kit that you Need

As well as offering its infinity cove and black stage for hire, East London Studios can also lease out a range of world class cameras and lighting equipment. The experienced team can create a package that’s tailored to your needs. All cameras and lighting equipment is of the highest quality and represents excellent value for money. To find out more about East London Studios, visit the website today.

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