The Amazons – Ultraviolet

Production Company: Forest of Black
Director: Oscar Sansom
Producer: Ailsa Vanessa Tapping

The Amazons got all scratched up by Oscar Sansom and lived to tell the tale.

With a performance shot on 16mm, Sansom took to “mutilating the negative” as he puts it. In fact, he has shown terrific delicacy in enhancing the power of the performance with physical marks on the neg.


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Marmozets – Play

Production Company: Greatcoat Films
Director: Millicent Hailes
Producer: Joshua Noon

Millicent Hailes sets the scene for the Marmomets big return with this all-guns-blazing performance video for Play.

With its relentless pace and energy the band’s powerful performance climaxes with a thorough drenching – and its all driven by a kinetic edit by Miles Cable.

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Skepta – Hypocrisy

Production Company: Mastermind Media
Director: Matthew Walker
Producer: Antoine Dixon-Bellot

Skepta toys with expectations of who he really is in his latest collaboration with Matt Walker, for Hypocrisy.

He starts in the unlikely role of host of a Eurotrash-style TV show – even down to the titles – before becoming the viewer of a images of African slaves, mirroring the lyrics of watching the miniseries Roots. Finally he becomes himself – presiding over the destruction of the set of that bogus TV show.

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Wretch 32 – Tell Me ft. Kojo Funds and Jahlani(No, I Don’t)

Production Company: Sugarcane Media
Director: Labi Odebunmi
Producer: Lavinia Noel

Labi Odebunmi “When I received the track, i wanted to keep performance set-ups simple but interesting – so to run comfortably parallel with the songs vibe and activity through out. I created the cube scene as a metaphor to place the “life” responsible for this irrepressible vibe (artist’s) within a lit “incubator” representative of the tracks energy. I wanted viewers to feel like they’re watching this live to resonate with the upbeat ambience of the track.

“Wretch is a metaphor king and I wanted to transmit his brand infusing other subtle visual metaphors (if you get them, you get them) while also paying homage to the classic Whitney Houston sample with editorial/fashion scenes. Running along with his album title and current mood when I spoke to him, he feels this is the most free he’s been, which I feel the direction and video shows.”


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DEAD! – Up For Ran$om

Production Company: Zebrafish Media
Director: Lewis Cater
Producer: Alasdair Mitchell

Lewis Cater recreates the thrills of appearing on old-time pop TV for Dead!’s furiously rocking Up For Ran$om. The band are (mostly) dressed in matching blue suits, and their performance is captured on vintage cameras to recreate that sense of what a TV pop show looked like before everybody could watch everything, right now. The band’s relentless aggression means this nostalgic approach has a modern bite.
Lewis Cater: “We shot the video on an old 3 tube Ikegami camera that was frequently used on the show. I also called upon operator Dicky Howett – a TOTP veteran himself – to help achieve that authentic and nostalgic look.”

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Neck Deep – In Bloom

Production Company: Zebrafish Media
Director: Lewis Cater
Producer: James Cross

The twin visual themes for Lewis Cater’s chirpy performance video for Neck Deep’s In Bloom are, unsurprisingly, flowers, and more puzzingly, doughnuts.

And by all accounts a great many were consumed during the shoot. Doughnuts, that is, not flowers.


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Tkay Maidza – Carry On 

Production Company: Rankin Film
Director: Vicky Lawton
Producers: Jordan Rossi and Storr Redman

At East London Studios, we have the capability for you to shoot multiple set ups, and for this shoot it was key to get one set up, whilst setting up for the other. As you can see, the architecture of the building was used as part of the project, and adds to the hard hitting industrial look.
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                              Click to view

Everything Everything – Can’t Do

Production Company: LEZ Creative
Director: Holly Blakey
Producer: Mary Calderwood

Holly Blakey creates a darkly mesmerizing dance film for Everything Everything.

Using dark, unsettling choreography and haunting mask likenesses of the band, Blakey has crafted a dance film that feels claustrophobic and sinister, completely recontextualising the bright energy of the rack. An earthy world of dirt walls closes in on the ever-growing army of dancers as they try to adapt to the surreal life in this pit.

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Banfi – June

Production Company: Try Hard Film
Director: Jake Dypka
Producer: Sorcha Bacon

Banfi: “Directed by Jake Dypka, he and his cinematographer Nick had to sit by the camera as it spun around a circular track for 14 hours straight, so they’ve both probably come away with permanent vertigo. Worth it for a Banfi video though!”


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Maximo Park – Get High (No, I Don’t)

Production Company: James & James Production LTD
Directors: James & James
Producers: James & James

James&James direct a carefully choreographed rebellion for Maximo Park.

Fed up of the artificial theatrics of everyday life, our hero breaks free, but only within the confines of the studio. With a supporting cast, we watch the dancing of an ordinary day play out before our eyes as our hero (dancer Robby Graham) gets progressively more agitated as it repeats itself Groundhog-style. The cycle continues before he sees red in a cathartic display.


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Junior Empire – Decide

Production Company: Agile Films
Director: Eoin Glaister
Format: Arri Alexa Mini

Junior Empire : “Decide is a song we wrote going through some of our toughest times as a band. It’s a song about being human. That sometimes our brains don’t work the way we’d like them to and trusting your gut can be the only salvation. We are immensely proud of everyone who worked on this video, thanks to the badass director Eoin Glaister and the rest of the team”.

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The Vamps – All Night (Vevo Presents: Live)

Production Company: Blind Eye Films
Director: Jack Lightfoot
Format: Arri Alexa Mini

Blind Eye Films returned to the studio to shoot another Vevo Live Session. This time we had the pleasure of having The Vamps here to perform two of their hit songs, All Night and Can We Dance https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PEy3GUcy_SQ


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Stormzy – Cold

Production Company: Mastermind Media
Director: Floyd Sorietu
Format: Arri Alexa Mini

Stormzy has released the official video for his single ‘Cold’ to celebrate his debut album going gold.

The South London MC, who recently topped the album charts with ‘Gang Signs & Prayer’, has now sold over 100,000 copies in just 16 days.

To celebrate the historic achievement, Stormzy released the visuals to fan-favourite ‘Cold’.

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DJ Fresh vs Diplo – Bang Bang ft. R. City, Selah Sue, Craig David

Production Company: Nice & Polite
Director: Dominic O’Riordan
Format: Arri Alexa Mini

A very British pet shop becomes an unlikely setting for this DJ Fresh vs Diplo video from Dominic O’Riordan, in which the pets become the stars.

Featuring animal lip-syncing via some fun VFX work, dance troupes celebrating various animals on glittering pedestals and a cat locking a scantily-clad pet shop employee in a cage, it’s a colourful, playful take on some dance/hip-hop video tropes surrounding a surreal petshop narrative.


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KDA ft. Tinie Tempah and Katy B – Turn The Music Louder

Production Company: MOS films
Director: Carly Cussen
Format: Red Dragon

Carly Cussen returns to shoot her latest video at East London Studios, bringing in her creative charm to build a large set with four brightly coloured areas in the heart of our black stage. This performance video goes directly to number 1 in the official UK chart and incorporates a group of dancers, four performance spaces, one large track surrounding the stage with two magnificent artists in the heart with bundles of energy pouring onto the screen.

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Zara Larsson – Lush Life (Stripped) (Vevo LIFT)

Production Company: Blind Eye Films

Zara Maria Larsson is a Swedish singer and songwriter. She first gained national fame for winning the 2008 season of the talent show Talang, the Swedish version of Got Talent, at the age of 10. She came to our studio to perform a fantastic live session for Vevo, we were lucky enough to see her perform the following songs, Zara Larsson – Never Forget You (Stripped) (Vevo LIFT) and Zara Larsson – Lush Life (Stripped) (Vevo LIFT)


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Krept & Konan – Freak Of The Week ft Jeremih

Production Company: MOS films
Director: Carly Cussen
Format: Arri Alexa

This stylish music video is for the rising stars of Krept and Konan, shot in our studios using our infinity cove, plus two sets built on our large black stage area. This production used our in house camera and lighting rental services to achieve a Hype Williams style music video. The video is sexy and vibrant through out, with fluorescent sign writing on the set. Not to mention the camera on a crane allowing movement through the shoot.

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The Maccabees – Marks to prove it

Production Company: Chief Productions
Director: Joe Connor
Format: Red Dragon

A music video shot on our black stage with The Maccabees. The video shows a live performance of the band in the studio using the in house lighting equipment. The camera tracks slowly around the band making a fantastically smooth visual.

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Lauren Aquilina – Kicks

Production Company: Forever pictures
Director: Weronika Tofilska

Weronika Tofilska has followed up her gorgeous visual poetry for Lauren Aquilina’s Ocean, with this new video for her single Kicks.

It’s an altogether different style to their previous work, with Aquilina’s new sound matched with suitably pop-style video that sees confident young women training at a boxing ring, supported by a large crew of friends.

Featuring Skins actor Lily Loveless, the clip channels modern girl power from start to finish and is an uplifting experience throughout. And it was made with a 90% all-female crew, including DoP Rina Yang, art director Lucie Red, and editor Claire McGonigal.

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Shakka – You Don’t Know What You Do to Me ft. Chip

Production Company: Kode Media
A very impressive music video, for the talented star Shakka ft Chipmunk. This video, highlights the use of 360 degree shooting on our black stage, and the entire space being utilised with stage lighting.


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KSI ft. Tiggs Da Author, Lunar C & Nick Brewer – Smoke And Mirrors

Production Company: MOS Films
Director: Carly Cussen
Format: Arri Alexa

This sleek and stylish video for Youtuber-turned-rapper KSI’s track Smoke And Mirrors. With varying and complex set builds using mirrored panels and florescent lights allowed the production to get the best out of our studio space.

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Låpsley – Love Is Blind

Production Company: XL Recordings
Director: Cherise Payne
Format: Arri Alexa

The video for Låpsley’s Love Is Blind was shot in a three-sided set build of a physiatrist’s office. The video addresses the way in which mental illness can be a barrier to human relationships and communication. It’s also about the feeling of emptiness that comes when you’ve tried everything to keep a relationship together, but you have reached the point of exhaustion.

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Reverie – Arca

Production Company: Pretty Bird
Director: Jesse Kanda
Format: Arri Alexa Mini

Following his recent visual for “Anoche”, Arca has revealed another stunning video from his forthcoming self-titled album.

“Reverie” was originally the working title for what would become Arca. Its video, directed by longtime visual collaborator Jesse Kanda, was filmed in one take. In it, Arca stands on mechanical, hoof-like legs, depicting a “wounded matador” (as a press release puts it) who bleeds over flower petals.

“Bullfighting is a piercing metaphor: you are fighting a bull, and at the same (time) yourself,” Arca says in a statement. “You are not the victim or the oppressor, you are both – animality and bestiality are conflated. Evoking sex invokes our animality. And evoking our animality, in turn, invokes spirituality.”

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Doc Brown – Corruptible

Production Company: Reblis Films
Director: Shawn Butcher
Format: RED Weapon Dragon

Doc Brown gets back to hiphop, without quite giving up on the comedy, in Shawn Butcher’s watchable promo for Corruptible.

There’s certainly an old school vibe about Doc hanging with his homeys, and visual trickery as he also hangs out with his versions of himself. And as you might expect it flips between seriousness and tongue-in-cheekness. With even a smidgeon of East 17 in there?

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Blossoms – Charlemagne

Production Company: Nice and Polite
Director: Jake Jelicich
Format: Red Dragon

The Blossoms shot their latest music video Blossoms, with an incredible set build, the space came to life, and they built a entirely new world, within our stage. Shot using our in house Kowa Anamophics

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Miike Snow – “My Trigger”

Production Company: Pulse Films
Director: Ninian Doff
Format: 35mm


After the phenomenal success of Genghis Khan, Ninian Doff brings the team all back together – cast and crew – for another Miike Snow video and a further revisionist, musical take on Cold War iconography. And whereas Genghis Khan was a delightful take on the culture of James Bond, with My Trigger, the inspiration is history itself.

Edward Hayes-Neary (the Bond-like hero in Genghis Khan) plays US President John F Kennedy, while Adam Jones (the crazed, mixed-up supervillain) plays Soviet leader Nikita Krushchev, in a replay of the Cuban missile crisis in 1962 – the closest the superpowers came to all-out nuclear war. Which is cue for the respective leaders to engage in fantasies about sex and the nuclear button, and Busby Berkeley style musical routines.

Once again, Patrick Meller provides the lush 35mm cinematography, Supple Nam the choreography, Tim Gibson the production design and Russ Hallard the edit. Above all, its another confident, hugely entertaining work by Doff. And who’s to say this didn’t actually happen?

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Gabrielle Aplin – Light up the Dark

Production Company: Nice & Polite
Director: Michael Holyk
Format: Red EPIC Monochrome

This video marks the return of Gabrielle Aplin and the launch of her second album also named Light up the dark. A black & white masterpiece with high contrast and silhouetting through out really reflects the mood of the song.

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Modestep – Machines

Production Company: Raw Power Management
Director: Javier Alejandro & Modestep
Format: Red Dragon  

This is the music video for Machines taken from Modestep album London road. Machines is a futuristic, electronic, SCI FI feeling video. A large LED wall was built as the backdrop for the video, which was positioned at the back of the black stage space. Shooting using our in house camera and lighting hire service the energetic and fast paced hand held shots reflect the songs upbeat tempo.

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Sunset Sons – She Wants

Production Company: Herbert London
Director: Adam Powell
Format: Arri Amira

A video shot with Sunset Suns on the black stage and the infinity cove. Slow camera movements on the dolly around the band as they perform the song. The videos utilises all of the space available and the video shows behind the scenes as well as the performance in the heart of the studio floor. The shoot uses our in house tungsten lighting package hire.

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Benjamin Francis Leftwich – Mayflies

Production Company: Nice and Polite
Director: Jake Jelicich
Format: Red Epic Dragon 6K
Lenses: Kowa Prominar Anamorphic

A interesting music video for Benjamin Francis Mayflower, shot with our in house Kowa Anamorphic and Red Dragon Package. A wonderful set design contributed to building this magical party on our black stage, along with our in house lights and a clever use of colour palette.


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Jake Bugg – Love, Hope and Misery

Production Company: Academy/A+
Director: Michael Holyk
Format: 16mm

Jake Bugg puts himself on the line in his latest collaboration with Michael Holyk. But that seems wholly appropriate for Love Hope & Misery, a song which displays the singer-songwriter’s gift for melody with a greater core of emotion that he’s previously shown. A future live anthem for sure.

This is a pure performance video with a strong stylistic debt to the pre-music video era promos of the 1960s, and its beautifully shot by Adam Scarth, on 16mm.

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Kwabs – My Own

Production Company: FAMILIA
Director: Javier Alejandro

Javier Alejandro, director of videos for Krept & Konan and Modestep, has now joined the roster at FAMILIA, and his first video is this bold, uncluttered monochromatic work for Kwabs’ My Own.



“Right from the offset I wanted to keep this idea bold yet simple. Set in a stripped back environment where Kwabs could give us a passionate, honest performance.

“When I first listened to the track, I got the impression that he was telling a story of how one can be locked out of a relationship. So with this in mind, I wanted to create a video which was metaphoric and relatable. The choice to stay or to leave, constantly cutting between light and dark.”


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Wretch 32 – Antwi

Production Company: Mastermind Media
Director: Matthew Walker
Format: Red Dragon

Wretch 32 delivers a riveting lip-sync perfect performance in what looks like a single take, while longtime collaborator Matthew Walker adds some judicious weather effects in this minimal but effective video for Antwi.



“This song was dedicated to Wretch’s late friend mentor Richard Antwi, so he wanted something totally stripped back and intimate. The idea was for the audience to pay attention to the lyrics and emotion of the song. My job was just to visually enhance his performance and compliment it without distracting from his passionate delivery.”


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Other Lives- 2 pyramids

Production Company: Black Dog Films
Director: Houmam Abdallah

Houmam Abdallah is one of London’s most prolific colourists, but he’s also been garnering attention for his forays into directing for a while now, particularly with his videos for Beirut’s The Rip Tide and The War On Drugs’ Under The Pressure. Now comes Houmam’s latest outing as director, for 2 Pyramids by Oklahoma five-piece Other Lives. It’s yet another testament to his burgeoning directorial skill.

The gorgeiously visual promo clearly demonstrates Houmam’s background in colour, through a highly saturated and dazzlingly ornamented dance performance set against a hyperreal, otherwordly background.


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The Libertines – Heart Of The Matter

Production Company: Burning reel
Director: Roger Sargent
Format: Arri Alexa

The controversial and eye opening music video showing The Libertines fans watching on through a peep show window. We watch as frontmen Peter Doherty and Carl Barat taking turns in torturing, tormenting and forcing drugs upon the seated figures almost for the enjoyment of the view public.

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Alexa Goddard – We broke the sky

Production Company: MOS films
Director: Carly Cussen
Format: Arri Alexa

Using a mix of both our white cove and large black stage area. The use of projection makes the space feel completely different, adding an exterior element to the studio. This production utilised our in house equipment rental service to provide camera and lighting for the shoot. A performance video, which makes the audiences feel connected with Alexa Goddard as she holds eye contact with the camera lens though out.

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Primal Scream feat. Sky Ferreira – Where The Light Gets

Production Company: Pretty Bird
Director: Douglas Hart

The promo features a duet between vocalist Bobby Gillespie and singer Sky Ferreira, with plenty of nostalgic 80’s glamour in the form of glittering eyeshadow and colourful stage visuals projected onto the singers.

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Raylo – Winner

Production Company: MOS Films
Director: Carly Cussen
Format: Arri Alexa

Our studio was transformed into a live event venue with a stage, sound system and even a full audience.
Carly Cussen directed this slick, monochromatic performance video for Reece Whyte aka Raylo’s track Winner, which follows a young woman as she faces her pre-show jitters and gets on stage to translate Raylo’s rap into sign language.

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Jack Savoretti – Written In Scars

Production Company: Sneek Films
Director: ‘Sblood
Format: Arri Alexa

Directing duo ‘Sblood have delivered this crisp, well-executed performance video for Jack Savoretti’s track Written in Scars.

It features a sprightly host of talented dancers performing an energetic choreograpy by Navala Chaudhari. ‘Sblood explained,  ‘we wanted to create a stripped back performance with Jack at the centre. We came up with the idea of using dancers as a metaphor for society and their explosion of movement could symbolise the energy released when a revolution happens.’


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